About us

We work to increase the demand for your product or service.

About us

Devil Sharks is a team of professionals in the field of promoting any kind of online services and products.

The initiator of the Devil Sharks association is the founder of the digital agency GBP Agency Vladimir Gubin with 15 years of experience in web development and marketing, in-depth knowledge of SEO search engine optimization and a large portfolio of successfully implemented projects.

This idea of a certain collaboration under the common brand name Devil Sharks seemed promising and was immediately liked by a well-known professional photographer, blogger, marketer in the digital world and social network (Facebook and Instagram) specialist, Robert Sils.

Vsevolod Urvantsev, the animator and creator of graphic content for social networks, and copywriter Vitaly Ivanov soon also joined the main team.

Devil Sharks specializes in providing full support for the maintenance, design, and effective development of profiles on social networks.

Together with GBP Agency, we can offer the creation of any kind of digital content for any purposes.

Leave this job to us, so you can spend more time with your family, friends and pets!